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Equine Health Plan

Welcome to the Equine Health Plan from Beningbrough Equine Veterinary Practice.

What you get in your Equine Health Plan:

  • Your horses Annual Booster Vaccination & Health Check (If a Re-start is necessary only the first vaccination of the new course will be covered).

  • 3x Worm Egg counts & Required Treatments.

  • Annual Dental check and treatment (Inc. Any Sedation Required).

What do you Pay?

Only £10 per Month by Standing Order or £120 per year. (VAT inc.)

If you are interested in joining the Equine Health Plan we strongly advise that you please read through the Equine Health Plan Agreement below and the terms and conditions carefully.

Equine Health Plan Agreement

  1. Price The monthly price for your horse's plan will is set by Beningbrough Equine Vetrerinary Practice. The Practice will normally review the plan prices once a year. Should the price change, you will be given at least one month's written notice.

  2. Your entitlement The Contract entitles your horse to receive the veterinary care and services described in your plan. A list of inclusions is available from the practice. This Contract does not prevent you and the practice agreeing that they will provide care outside your entitlement under the Contract. You will be responsible for paying for such care.

  3. Contract Limitations The Contract is limited to the provision of veterinary care as prescribed by The Practice and described in your plan. Your Contract is with the practice. Where you choose for your horse to have care or treatment provided by a practitioner or provider independently of the practice, your horse will not be covered by your Equine Health Plan.

  4. Payment You must pay your monthly payment by Standing Order in favour of Beningbrough Equine Veterinary Practice. Any other amounts due for care not covered by the Contract are payable directly to Beningbrough Equine Veterinary Practice. Your liability to pay the monthly fee continues until the Contract is ended, in accordance with these terms and conditions and no refund of fees will be allowed except in the case of administrative error or practice discretion. If you default on any monthly payment to Beningbrough Equine Veterinary Practice you will obliged to pay the full fees incurred by the treatment and services provided under your Equine health plan.

  5. Your Responsibility You are responsible for ensuring your horse has regular appointments as applicable and that you comply with the advice and treatment provided by Beningbrough Equine Veterinary Practice for your horse. If, in the reasonable opinion of The Practice, they are not able to maintain your horse's care due to any act or omission on your part, your Contract may be ended immediately by giving notice to that effect.

  6. Personal Details If your personal details change or your horse is lost, sold or deceased, you should notify your The Practice.

  7. Ending the Contract You may cancel your Contract by contacting The Practice within the cancellation period, which is 14 days following the start of your contract unless you have received treatment and services provided under your Equine health plan, then a minimum of 6 months payments must be made. Following this period, you may end the Contract by giving not less than 21 days' notice to The Practice, expiring on the last day of a month. By this day the balance for the remaining 12 month Contract must be paid in full, or the full price of services and treatments received under the Health Plan, whichever is the lesser amount.

  8. Variation of these terms and conditions The terms and conditions of this Contract may be varied on one month's written notice given to you by The Practice. If you do not wish the Contract to continue having regard to any variation notified to you, you may end it as detailed in condition 7. If you do not do this by the time the notice expires, you will be deemed to have accepted the variation.

  9. Legal jurisdiction Both parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and the parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
The Agreement enables you to enjoy the benefits of preventive healthcare for your horse. This Agreement is not insurance. We strongly advise that all horses are covered by appropriate veterinary insurance.

For more information please call The Practice on 07841 575376 or email

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